Embedded CTF
Escape from San Beagle

Time To Start

It’s 2021. A pandemic has spread through the world resulting in the collapse of corporations and social breakdown. This has caused among other things, a devastating chip shortage in the silicon industry. Supply shortages have caused a faction of scavengers (“scavs”) that find electronics components and repurpose them to keep their cars going, their refrigerators running, and their espresso machines brewing. The most coveted component is this device called a “Pocket Beagle” which runs a full Linux-powered distribution in a key fob form factor. Fortunately, you found one, but only if you could reverse engineer it.


  • Day 1: embedded CTF
  • Day 2: winner announced
  • Day 3: Josh and Dmitry will have a live stream explaining all the embedded flags and where they can commonly be found in embedded products.

Requirements for ToorCon Attendees

Participants attending Toorcon in person will be provided a BeagleBone PocketBeagle, including a flashed SD card and any additional hardware to participate in the eCTF.

Requirements for Virtual Attendees

Virtual attendees will be provided a download link through the online platform to download the eCTF image and load it onto the SD card.

Participants attending virtually will need to purchase the following items to participate in the CTF:

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